Positions available

We are seeking for motivated post-doctoral scientists who are interested in exploring the mystery of the brain. We believe that the combination of cutting-edge methods with important biological questions in our lab will provide special opportunity to reach your goal. We are especially interested in candidates with any of the following backgrounds: neuroscience, immunology or imaging data analysis.
Postdocs will be paid with satisfied salary and enough freedom to pursue their own projects. In addition, our institute will provide generous benefits including housing and insurance.
For applicants, please send your CV listing personal information and scientific achievements to jingmiao@cibr.ac.cn.
Intern students
We are open for intern students who would like to have training and first-hand experience working in the neuroscience field. Intern students may have their own projects, and also be able to finish their undergraduate thesis projects in our lab, with the permission from their own university. Our institute will provide departments for intern students. The intern time should be no less than 2 months.
For applicants, please send your personal information as well as research interests to jingmiao@cibr.ac.cn.